Kevin Guisarde | UI/UX Designer

Dreem App Case Study


Dreem Dating App (iOS)

September 2017

Concept Project

Duration - 2 Weeks



Online dating can be difficult and sometimes risky. Having a conversation through messaging can be bland and limit the amount of emotion and personality one could have making a connection face to face. The uncertainty of the true identity of the person behind the profile can prove to be risky and at times dangerous. The objective of this project was to create a platform that gives users a more personable and safer experience while pursuing a romantic relationship. By adding a feature like live video chat, the user is able to have the more intimate face to face experience of meeting someone in the safety of their own home. This feature also ensures the person one is connecting with is genuine and real.


My Role

I was the sole designer of this project. This was a concept created to solve a problem in online dating. I created a proof of concept and was responsible in creating all deliverables from ideation to prototyping.


  • Research

  • Ideation

  • Wireframing

  • UI Design

  • Digital Prototyping


  • Pen and Paper

  • Sketch

  • Invision



The Problem

Many people in the online dating world get fooled by others making fake profiles everyday. So much time is spent connecting with this one person to later find out they are not who they say they are. The term used for this is Catfishing. This sometimes can put people in a dangerous position not knowing if the person on the other side has harmful intentions. Also, connecting with people through messaging limits the level of emotion and personality one can express which then limits the genuine connection between two human beings.

The Solution

By creating a platform that promotes safety and true connections with features like live video chat, Users are able to have a more intimate conversation and the true experience of a face to face connection in the safety of their own home.



Research & Discovery


Competitive Analysis

Conducted an analysis of other top dating mobile applications currently on the market. The build Dreem, I wanted something that functioned similarly to create and ease of use for the first time user. I evaluated each platform’s features and took inspiration from the varying user interfaces.



  • Swiping quick connections

  • Direct Messaging

  • Recommended matches


  • No personal connection

  • Fake profiles

  • Not all have user verification


User Personas

After speaking with users of online dating platforms I was able to come up with two different personas to represent my potential user base of Dreem.




User Flow




UI Design






Future Considerations

With the large amount of options in online dating platforms in the market, it was challenging to make an app that would stand out from the rest. My concept came from what real users expressed to me, between the struggles of connecting with people online and dodging through fake profiles. I have learned a great deal about how people connect with each other on an intimate level and that how the age of online connections whether it be dating or social media, make it difficult to get to know someone on a real level. In too many instances, people hide behind a profile to make themselves seem like someone they really aren't. For this reason, I wanted to create a platform that helps connect people on a more intimate level with less risk of putting themselves at harms way.